Procurement Guidelines

The MCC Program Procurement Guidelines define the procurement policies and procedures for MCA-Philippines on projects and activities funded by MCC. These guidelines govern the conduct of procurement of goods, works, and consultant and non-consultant services.

MCC Program Procurement Guidelines revolve around four basic principles:

  • Open, fair, and competitive procedures used in a transparent manner to solicit, award, and administer contracts to procure goods, works, and non-consultant services;
  • Solicitations for goods, works, and non-consultant services shall be based upon a clear and accurate description of the goods, works, or non-consultant services to be acquired;
  • Contracts shall be awarded only to qualified and capable suppliers and contractors that have the capability and willingness to perform the contracts in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable contracts and on a cost-effective and timely basis; and
  • No more than a commercially reasonable price (as determined, for example, by a comparison of price quotations and market prices) shall be paid to procure goods, works, and non-consultant services.