Project Update: RARP

RARP Project Update

Revenue Administration Reform Activity:

Repair and Enhancement of Electronic Tax Information System of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

Public Awareness Campaign for BIR launched and ongoing. The PAC covers a public information campaign, entitled “Register, File, and Pay (RFP)”, a catchy song detailing the tax obligations and  procedures on how to fulfil these obligations.  The second phase is an emotional television commercial that highlights the burden that tax evaders cause to fellow Filipinos who pay their taxes correctly. Click here to watch the RFP video. (Please put here the RFP video.)

Contract with US Treasury BIR’s Document Processing Division completed. Another contract with US Office of Technical Assistance in the works.

3rd Annual Review of BIR Tax Administration Reforms completed by the IMF Fiscal Affairs Department

Revenue Integrity Protection Service:

RIPS Case Management System launched. Bidding process ongoing.