Recognizing the need to rehabilitate the Wright-Taft-Borongan-Guiuan Road in Western and Eastern Samar, the Government of the Philippines included the road in its list of projects to be financed by a grant from the U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). MCC eventually approved the request with a grant allocation of $214.4 Million for the roads project from the total $434-Million grant to the country.To supervise the implementation of the project, Millennium Challenge Account-Philippines (MCA-P) was created as the Accountable Entity. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DWPH), as the Implementing Entity, expects project construction to start in 2012 and completion in 2016.
Project Description
The road begins at the junction of Pan Philippine Highway and Buray (Wright) in Western Samar and passes along mountainous terrain to Taft. From Taft, it continues southward along the coastline of Eastern Samar ending in Guiuan. The total length of the road is approximately 222 kilometers.The project involves the construction/rehabilitation of existing roads and bridges that includes widening, drainage installation and other road safety improvements. The project recognizes DPWH standard right-of-way limit. However, in an attempt to minimize disruption to the inhabitants and users along the road, the right-of-way shall be limited to the construction limits, which is estimated at this time to have a width spanning the existing road width plus approximately 2-3 meters on each side of the existing pavement. Prior to the start of construction, the required right-of-way limit will be established to determine the actual land and improvements that will be affected. Project-Affected Parties (PAPs) will be duly notified and will have access to compensation in accordance with applicable laws and eligibility criteria.
Project Objectives
The primary objective of the project is to help improve the living conditions of the people of Samar. With more accessible and safer roads, people will have more socio-economic opportunities because of reduced transport time and cost.

  1. Farmers will be able to transport their produce in less time to the urban markets.
  2. People from the rural areas will have more opportunity for employment and education in the urban center.
  3. People living in rural areas will have faster and better access to health care, especially in cases of emergency.

The project also will generate employment opportunities as skilled and unskilled workers will be required during construction and rehabilitation.

Project Design Packages

The project has two design packages. Package A, which is Wright-Taft-Sulat (ending at the boundary of Taft and San Julian), will be handled by Tetra Tech in association with PTCC Engineers and TCGI Engineers. Package B, from San Julian to Guiuan, will be handled by H.P. Gauff Ingenieure GmbH Co. KG –JBG- in association with Schema Consult.